Punch In - Punch Out

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Video Description: When J.R. Bronson checks in to see how Blue Bailey is coming along on his paint job he discovers that his employee has gotten very little done. Blue knows that he's in trouble so he shows J.R. his favorite toy; a handheld saws-all with a giant dildo adhered to one end. J.R. orders Blue to get on all fours with his big white ass in the air; he's going to make Blue pay for goofing off all day. He opens the stud's hole with a thick buttplug then grabs the saws-all and works it into Blue's ass. At first he inserts just the tip and turns it on but eventually he shoves the entire dildo deep inside Blue's hole and lets it go full blast. The nonstop butt-fucking makes Blue's huge cock rock hard. He strokes his mammoth dick until he blows. J.R. pulls out his own cock and rubs one out all over the workbench.