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Hole Sweet Hole Fisting Never Looked So Good!!! Could this be the Hottest Fisting Cast Ever??? A New and Powerful Handball Film from Master Director Chris Ward Raging Stallion is proud to present The Fetish Event of 2005 - the release of Hole Sweet Hole , one of the most amazing handball films ever made. Team Raging Stallion, under the direction of legendary Fisting Director Chris Ward, delivers a knockout punch that will leave the competition facedown in the mud. This is, simply put, the hottest cast ever gathered together for a fisting film and the action is so over-the-top it makes Hole Sweet Hole the best all-male hardcore fetish feature ever produced by an American Studio. This long-play film - two-and-a-half hours long - will become an instant classic and will rank at the top of any collection of Chris Ward films. What makes Hole Sweet Hole so amazing? It is all about the guys and the action - unlike some of our competitors, we only film actors who are really into fisting. These guys know what they want and they deliver! Our production crew is also really into fisting, so we know exactly what to film for you, the viewer!

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