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Welcome to the 'World Series of Fisting', where gaping holes, deep fist penetration, and raging rosebuds rule the day. The competition is stiff and the contestants hail from around the world to show off for the judges just how deep they can take a fist. On the night before the competition, Hugh Hunter shows his star athlete the fisting arena. Sam Syron wants one final training session and after Hugh plunges his thick cock into Sam's ass, he finishes him off with a wrist deep fist up his gaping hole. After Hugh blasts a load all over Sam, they both agree that Sam needs one more round before the big day. Sam once again bends over and lets the coach shove his hand up his ass. Sam's rosebud is at full capacity when he slams his own fist inside himself and shoots a geyser of sperm all over his own milky white body. Joey D has been coaching Axel Abysse and Colin Bryant to compete in the World Series. The night before the competition, Joey gets some appreciation from his guys for all the hard work he's been putting in with some hardcore cock and ball worship. After getting throbbing hard, Joey fucks each of the guys before fisting them at the same time. After all of that, Joey still isn't convinced his men are ready so calls for a second last minute training session. He goes forearm deep into Colin and the gives Axel's protruded asshole a double-fisted stretching before he calls it a night and lets the guys drain their balls. When the big day arrives, Axel and Sam go head to head in direct competition. With the categories of best self fister, best rosebud, deepest penetration, best punch fistee, and widest gaping hole, these guys have their work cut out for them. The competition is close and a bonus round is needed to see who can best take a foot up their ass. Sam and Axel bend over and hop on Hugh and Joey's feet to ride them all the way to the championship. Who will come out on top and who will go home empty fisted?

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