Wristrider Dvd Cover


Starring Michael Brandon, Michael Soldier, Mike Vista, Nate Summers, Rik Jammer, Sky Donovan

  • Updated : 08-18-2008 |
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Directed By :

  • Chris Ward

Themes Anal Sex, Big Cock, Buttplay, Cumshot, Fisting, Jockstrap, Male Masturbation, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming

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  • 5.5/10

Wristrider features six fisting all-stars in four butt-busting scenes: insatiable bottom Mike Vista gets pumped, plowed and plugged by all 11 inches of Michael Brandon; sex pigs Rik Jammer and Michael Soldier get nasty in their tent and hike naked through the woods to a mountain top where they give new meaning to the expression 'roughing it;' sexy Nate Summers gets himself off riding dildos and butt-plugs from the bedroom to the backyard; and Michael Brandon returns to fill every hole on adorable bottom-boy Sky Donovan.