Red Hanky Dvd Cover

Red Hanky

Starring Daxx Reed, Ian McQueen, Jessie Balboa, Josh Edwards, Luke Spears, Nick Piston, Tyler Saint, Wolf Hudson

  • Updated : 04-14-2008 |
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Directed By :

  • Gabriel Cortes

Themes Anal Sex, Buttplay, Cumshot, Fisting, Leather Fetish, Male Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rosebud, Sex Toys

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  • 10/10

In his directorial debut Gabriel Cortes assembles a cast of filthy fist pigs who proudly wear their fetish on their sleeve - or in their back pocket - in Red Hanky. Explore a world where men lie in slings begging to have their holes stretched to the max by men with greedy paws and huge butt toys.