Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job Dvd Cover

Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job

Starring Anthony Moreno, Brock Devonshire, Marc Sterling, Michael Brandon, Rik Jammer, Simon Cox

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Directed By :

  • Chris Ward

Themes Anal Sex, Ass Shot, Big Cock, Black Men, Buttplay, Cumshot, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Interracial

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  • 7/10

Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job Raging Stallion Studios chose the 2003 Folsom Street Fair to launch Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job, the latest all-man all-ass fisting spectacular. Starring London-based newcomer Brock Devonshire (a hairy chested, handsome, tattooed fisting expert who takes as much as he can give), Rear End Collision 2 - Lube Job picks up where part one left off. If you were one of the thousands of men who purchased Rear End Collision 1 - Pop a Gasket, you know exactly what you are in for: garage grease monkeys gang-banging gaping holes until the steamy sweat of sexual exhaustion leaves even the most revved up players panting on the floor. This movie has it all - dramatic punch fisting, huge toys, giant steel balls, cans of engine oil, funnels, fists, arms, whole houses! Everything in sight ends up someones hole!