Rear End Alignment Dvd Cover

Rear End Alignment

Starring Jack Miller, Jarred Wright, Kal, Manuel DeBoxer, Max Stone, Ponyboy Spike

  • Updated : 10-15-2007 |
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Directed By :

  • Chris Ward

Themes Anal Sex, Big Cock, Bondage, Buttplay, Cumshot, Daddies, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Leather Fetish

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  • 5/10

Head Mechanic Mac Masters works long and hard to make sure his customers receive the best service in this hardcore masterpiece from Club Inferno. Built, hung grease monkeys throw willing customers onto their backs and probe their guts with expert fists, rock hard cocks and whatever it takes to get the job done. Rugged fist-hungry bottoms, nasty leather-clad tops, and interesting new uses for some ominous looking tools make Rear End Alignment a shocking tribute to handball heroes everywhere.