Knuckle Sandwich Dvd Cover

Knuckle Sandwich

Starring Adam Faust, Josh Edwards, Kent North, Mason Garet, Matthew Ford, Rocky Torrez, Til Wegman, Tim Rusty

  • Updated : 09-17-2007 |
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Directed By :

  • Michael Clift

Themes Anal Sex, Buttplay, Cumshot, Daddies, Fisting, Jockstrap, Leather Fetish, Male Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming

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  • 9.5/10

Get in on all the knuckle-scraping action in Club Inferno's latest masterpiece Knuckle Sandwich. Lifetime Exclusive Kent North leads a cast of handball masters to bring you athletic feats of anal exercise not for the faint of heart. The hardcore superstars work up an appetite by probing their holes with enormous ass-stretching dildos then open wide for double-punch fucking action so intense it can only be called a Knuckle Sandwich.