Dr. Good Glove Dvd Cover

Dr. Good Glove

Starring Bryce Colby, Cory Jay, Jeff Baron, John Payne, Steve Pierce, Will Clark

  • Updated : 05-21-2008 |
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Directed By :

  • Steven Scarborough

Themes Anal Sex, Bondage, Buttplay, Enema, Fisting, Group Sex, Jockstrap, Rimming, Sex Toys, Tattoos

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  • 8.8/10

Plain Wrapped Video gives you it's most twisted production yet, Dr. Good Glove. Watch in awe and envy as Dr. Good Glove (man of everybody's dreams, the incomparable Cory Jay) and his lean mean assistant (John Payne as Nurse Philthy) work their way through a waiting room full of desperate, neglected holes (including the legendary Bryce Colby). To accommodate these hungry hordes, the Good Doctor also has on hand a staff of trained obedient technicians who mercilessly carry out all procedures - and an office outfitted with state of the art anal expansion equipment including the much talked about, one-of-kind, Dildo Machine -- a smoking, thrusting, metallic gizmo that gives the term 'auto-erotica' a whole new meaning.