Booted Dvd Cover


Starring Adam Faust, Alex DeLarge, Evan Matthews, Jonathan Doe, Josh West, Justin Wells, Mark Masterson, Ryan Raz

  • Updated : 09-08-2008 |
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Directed By :

  • Robert Drake

Themes Anal Sex, Ass Shot, Big Cock, Buttplay, Cumshot, Daddies, Fisting, Hairy, Leather Fetish, Male Masturbation

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  • 7/10

New Club Inferno Stud Mark Masterson brings muscle, cock, and a rugged, balls-to-the-wall attitude to Booted, a homage to boots and the men who love them. Masterson introduces Exclusive Evan Matthews to a new toy - a boot shaped dildo as big and heavy as the real thing. Next it's off to the boot-black for some honest-to-goodness spit-shine action where the cocks get as much attention as the boots. Club Inferno discoveries Ryan Raz and Justin Wells slurp, lick and fist in a boot maker's shop, and more! Get ready to fall on your knees and get Booted!